Gluten Free: Day 1 - Diagnosis

I went to a homeopath in Wassenaar yesterday. I have felt horrible for so long and doctor upon doctor visits are inconclusive. "Everything looks normal. You are just tired because you work and have two young children." 

That was the Dutch medical system's diagnosis. My blood test for allergies came back almost entirely negative. No food allergies. An allergy to dust mites and a slight allergy to mold. They thought I had developed adult asthma and put me on an inhaler. My lung function is now above %100, but I still audibly wheeze from the unending sinus drainage. My limbs feel heavy. I am getting migraines more and more often. My eyes water.

It is nothing too dramatic, but it is gradually worsening. And I notice that most foods I eat leave my stomach mildly upset. It isn't enough to really complain about. "Just get on with it. Two busy girls to keep up with. There are so many blessings in life."

This is what I tell myself.

But we went home to visit my family in America last month. My twin sister has been diagnosed with celiac issues and is intolerant to many things including wheat, yeast, gluten, and dairy. Twins are an incredible phenomenon. So, so alike yet so different. And we are fraternal so that always throws doctors off the scent a little. "Oh! You are two egged twins," the Dutch doctors remark. Whatever.

I needed to dig deeper. Doctor's exams and blood tests can be very misleading in their narrow scope. One of the many things my sister's journey to celiac taught me. Get more opinions. Get more information. 

Sure enough, the homeopath found allergies to wheat, gluten, dairy, chocolate, peanuts, bananas, papaya, and rice, I think, and even a few others. It is a lot. No wonder.

So I found this out yesterday evening. I drove home and walked in the door in-time for dinner with my husband and two little girls. Their favorite - pancakes. "Go with it. I will start the changes tomorrow."

After dinner, I start searching for resources online. There is so much. Overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed. Dairy - my morning cappuccino. Bananas, wheat - my favorite banana muffin recipe. Chocolate - Seriously?! Gluten - Bread is The Netherlands staple food. Milk, bread, cheese, chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag) - staples of the Dutch diet. 

Okay, so figure out what I am going to eat for breakfast. Figure out a shopping list for tomorrow. Figure out one dinner I can sneak by my family. "Just do your best." 

My new mantra.