Gluten Free: Day 2 - 50%

I will give today a 50%. That's not bad, from my perspective. I ate gluten free for about 50% of my eating.

I made it until Happy Hour, basically. The weather was nice. It was a Saturday. We took our daughters to a restaurant with a huge lawn and we enjoyed Belgian beers. And then we got hungry and had bread with garlic butter and then nacho chips. We made a nice family memory.

For breakfast, I woke up knowing I had scrambled eggs with diced ham to eat. I had my cappuccino with milk as usual. I will figure out how to substitute cow for coconut milk tomorrow. One meal a success!

Lunch got away from me. Saturdays with the girls are busy. I ate salted cashews, shared a fruit and nut bar with my youngest, and ate a strawberries from my husband's Saturday morning market trip.

Have you heard of Lara Bars? It is a line of cashew and date bars in the US. They are gluten and dairy free. This craze is catching on in Den Haag, but man are they expensive. So I am hacking the recipes.

I had already hacked the coconut chocolate chip Lara Bar. So today, I made that recipe and took out the chocolate. I added some big raisins my husband got at the market and extra honey. So they are still sweet just how I like them.

I know they are good when my four year old wants to eat them. She does not like cashews or raisins or dates, but she will eat these bars. It has to do with texture. I am the same. If I can get something into a texture I like, I will eat it happily.

For dinner, we had ribeye steaks from the grill, corn on the cob and (kriel) fingerling potatoes. And, that evening, we enjoyed a very nice bottle of red wine. For dessert, after the girls were in bed, I enjoyed three pieces of very nice and very dark Leonidas chocolate.

50%. Lean in. Keep trying.

I have to admit that I felt horrible until Happy Hour. And thirsty. Horrible and thirsty. I felt hung over and nauseous and tired. Maybe it is detox.

In full disclosure, the night before I went to the homeopath, my husband and I went out with friends to a Beer Tasting Festival. It is the drunkest we've been in years and years. So maybe I had a two day hang over. We are getting old.

Drinking that much grain cannot be great for my body. Knowing what I know now, I am glad I did not know that at the beer festival. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.