Gluten Free: Day 3 - Lamenting with Rob Bell

It is Day 3 and Sunday. Rainy. I skipped out on Bikram yoga again, but I got myself out of the house for a walk. And I promised myself a Starbucks latte made with coconut milk. Research.

I grabbed a slice of my homemade cashew and date bar and got out the door. Rain. Awesome. I am not going back home. Starbucks. My husband is laughing right now reading this.

I chose a different podcast this morning for my walk (to/from Starbucks). I chose Rob Bell's podcast. He is a world famous American pastor. Before you mentally shut off, just listen. He is not that kind of pastor.

I am allergic to Christianity basically. I will save that story, but just know that the only reason I gave Rob Bell a listened is because he is great friends with Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) and several other decidedly non-bible beating, talented, funny people so I gave him a chance.

Today's podcast was about lamenting. Hang in there. I chose it because I need help putting all of this lose in perspective. I know, it is just food, but I am fighting a major 'pissed off'edness' about these food allergies. It is a new word. I made it.

Below is what Rob says. Before you read it, think about it from the perspective of how food allergies or gluten free or any lifestyle change is asking you to stop eating something you really like. For me, it is chocolate and muffins. Hey, no judgement.

Rob talks about it like this:

"Lamenting is to name what is wrong and what is getting in the way of all your physical and creative potential. Naming what is in the way of human beings thriving. Lamenting exposes these things so you can begin to get past them. All of that anger and grief has to come up to get to the healing. Exposing conditions that are limiting thriving. "

The homeopath finally gave light to what is getting in the way of my best health. For that, I am deeply grateful. She exposed the allergies. I need to be honest about how that feels and how that fears. Yes, how that fears. What fear vampires are lurking in the shadows that I need to drag out into the light?

Keeping it real. Okay, that is deep enough for today, my friends. Be kind to yourself today. This is the work of brave people listening to their bodies.