Day 4 - Resolutions


Monday's are my New Year's Eve.

Monday's feel like starting over. I feel mentally and physically hung over. I do our big groceries shop on Monday. This is namely to justify driving my daughter to school instead of taking the bike.


I tell myself, "Oh, but I need to buy big, heavy, bulky things like diapers or milk or..." It doesn't take much.


Monday's are my day to make food resolutions and check back in on them. Namely, did I eat it or do I throw last week's food resolution it in the bin because it went off? From a food and gluten free perspective, I think, "What do I want to try for lunch or breakfast this week?"


I choose one thing. One thing. One thing for lunch or breakfast. Otherwise, the following Monday I am more likely to be throwing out half of it because it has gone bad. One thing. Save yourself money. Save yourself brain space. No stress. One thing.


My one thing is egg salad. I am not entirely sure it is gluten free, but I am mentally gagging at the thought of eating another salad for lunch. Truth.


I bought a ludicrously expensive and small package of gluten free bread this weekend on a whim and now I must eat it. Side note: I put it in the freezer and toast it a few pieces at a time.


Maybe I should try making my own bread? There I go again chasing shiny new ideas.


What else did I buy? Indian food. My little girls both suddenly like Butter chicken, naan, and pappadums. These words would have sounded like science fiction when I was their ages. But I am running with it.


Not sure if these are remotely gluten free. Probably not. But I have three other tummies in my life besides my own to keep full so I am rolling with it. Maybe I should try making gluten free Indian recipes? One more shiny new idea. Okay, stay focused. Let's get the groceries put away.


To all my shiny penny lovers out there, have a good day!


After thought: Crap! I bought two new things! I bought Manchego cheese too. It is Spanish sheep cheese. I am curious to try it grated over eggs or my Mexican burrito bowls. I apparently am also allergic to cow and goat's milk.