Day 5 - Health Check in


Wednesday is health check in. One time per week I am going to check in on how my body is feeling. I don't want to dwell daily on it because that will turn me into an even older lady and an even bigger hypochondriac.


I am tired. Getting out of bed is a struggle. I do it because I have little kids to get out the door and because I have things to do. But I wish I could just go back to bed. I daydream about that in the shower. Then I get dressed and on with my day.


I have never been a morning person so I doubt that will change when I get allergy free. My limbs feel so heavy still. I hope that goes away.


I have a very mild headache and a mild runny nose. That is an improvement. Just last week, I had headaches so intense it felt like hitting an invisible wall. Pain shot through the top of my head. It followed this imaginary line run parallel to the part in my hair.


I still feel a little headache at the back left side of my head and around my eye sockets. My nose is not stuffy, but it is a little runny. My eyes do not hurt. But I am crabby. Edgy. I snapped at my four year old when she wouldn't wear the shirt I picked out for her to wear today.


I am going to Bikram yoga in a few minutes. I am not looking forward to it. But, as always, I will be happy and proud I went. I need to figure out why I fight against Bikram (and all exercise classes) so hard. What is that?


So, crabby distracted, irritable. I think I just paid for parking twice. And, yes, I just drove to my workout. No judgement. I will ride my bike next week.


It is not all rainbows and unicorns people, but I see the small improvements. I write this as much for myself as for you. Thank you.

pexels-photo headache.jpg