August Launch: One Month Gluten Free Challenge for The Netherlands
One Month Gluten Free Challenge


Are you curious to try eating gluten free? Do you want to see what all of the fuss is about? Are there some symptoms like tiredness, allergies, headaches, acne, and digestion issues that keep dragging you down? Or maybe you are just so busy you feel lucky to get a healthy dinner on the table most nights.

Well, I need you. I need someone to come on this journey with me..jpg


Well, I need you. I need someone to come on this journey with me. I need other people in The Netherlands to cheer me on and help me feel not so alone and out there in this new chapter in my life. I started eating gluten free in May 2016 and have build up months worth of great recipes, but it is always more fun with friends by your side.

Are you already eating gluten free? Great! We need your expert advice. Don't you wish you had someone that understood what you are going through? Me too!

Are you looking for easy, delicious, healthy recipes with the ingredients delivered right to your door? Yes, that is right! I will even do the shopping for you and have the groceries delivered to your door.

So, starting on August 1, I will launch the first ever One Month Gluten Free Challenge for The Netherlands. What?! I will be providing all of the meal planning, recipes and shopping lists so you can either go to your nearest Albert Heijn or I will use to have it shipped directly to your home.

I will give you handy shopping lists and other informational tools that are digital and fit right on your smartphone so you can easily take them to the grocery store. The recipes are geared to 'sneak it by your family'. That is my gold standard. If I can trick my husband and two young daughters into eating gluten free, it is a success.

The challenge includes a private online Facebook community with weekly Facebook Live face-to-face chats. I want this to be interactive. I will send out surveys from time-to-time so I can tailor the experience to exactly what you like. If you did not like a particular recipe, please tell me. We can all learn from each other. And I want this to also be a place of accountability. I will not kick you off the island for a slip up, but I want people to openly talk about both their successes and their failures. 

Do you dig it?

If you cannot quite visualize it, that's okay.

Here is an overview plus the meal plan from the first week of the challenge.

Week 1 meal plan of one month gluten free challenge

 And I will give you the recipes and shopping list for Week 1 too for free. Go ahead! Give it a test drive. I would love it!