Giveaway #1: Reading Labels in a Dutch Grocery Store

Hello Everyone! 

Did you find this post based on my Facebook videos? If not, you can find me on Facebook at Glutenvrijevrouw. I made three videos this week introducing myself and discussing some of the immediate challenges I ran into when I first began eating gluten free in The Netherlands.

Today's post tackles one of those challenges: Reading Labels in a Dutch Grocery Store

My first struggle with transitioning to gluten free was knowing which ingredients are gluten free. It felt like everything was a 'No Go' or what my daughters would call, "A Red Light". On the flip side, "A Green Light" food would be something gluten free. Added to that was figuring out the "Red" and "Green Light" ingredients in Dutch.

So I went home, searched the internet, and composed a list of gluten containing and gluten free ingredients. I translated them to Dutch. Then made this handy graphic that I store to my phone in my pictures. Wanna see it?

Click Below on "Get Tool". It will request your email address. Once you have confirmed your email address, you will get this handy tool to save directly onto your phone or PC. 

Jennifer Van Dijk