Sunday Dinner - Gluten Free - 50%

Typical British Roast Dinner - courtesy

Typical British Roast Dinner - courtesy

I am feeling rather British this evening. I'm not. I am an American from the Midwest. I roasted a chicken tonight for dinner. A Sunday roast dinner seems like the domain of the British to me. Before I became friends with people from the UK, the only time we roasted much of anything was on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I wasn't particularly excited about making a roast chicken. Seemed like it would be too much effort. But the chicken was about to go off. Would have been a huge waste to throw away and it didn't fit in my freezer.

But Balanced Bites' recipe was dead easy...and delicious. And the carrots that go with it are great too.

I'll tell you what I am excited about these days - my vegetable spiralizer. Yes, I am geek. But if something gets me looking forward to eating vegetables, it is a small miracle in my world. Tonight I made summer squash pasta. It is not gluten free so the rest of the family ate it. But they liked it and I got to use up two squash before they went off. Sundays are all about trying to use up food before it goes to waste.