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I wrote recently about the perfect gluten free baked goods to eat for celebrations. Today, I take it one step further and suggest ideas on gluten free birthday parties. 

This is an email I sent to my One Month Gluten Free Challenge participants too. So, if you missed out on the challenge, you can get a sneak peek. And I will be offering it again soon. 

Birthday Party - Glutenvrijevrouw - image

Birthday Party - Glutenvrijevrouw - image

Make a Wish and Blow out the Candles!

It is Wednesday, Week 2 - Day 3 of the Challenge. 

After the birthday party I attended this weekend, I was left daydreaming about my perfect gluten free party. I have been thinking of it both from the perspective of my ideal birthday party as well as the ideal children's party.

When my daughter, Isabel, turned two this summer, I had a 50/50 party meaning that about half of the options were gluten free. I even offered two cakes - one with gluten and one without. I bought them both from Marks & Spencers in Den Haag.

I won't go into the menu for that party because I made a wide variety of skewers (kabobs). I would not recommend it. I spent so much time in advance preparing them and, by the day of the party, the fruit and vegetables on the skewers were a soggy mess. Not to mention that skewers and small children are not a great combination. Live and learn, I tell myself.

I wrote about my chocolate cake ideas in this blog post:

I would also recommend The Welsh Bakestone. She does made-to-order birthday cakes. I have tried her chocolate cake and several of her other baked goods.It is rich and delicious, but maybe too much for a children's birthday cake. 

IKEA also offers a gluten free chocolate and almond cake. You can find it in the freezer section at the Swedish Food Market.

I used Doves Farm Gluten Free Self Rising White Flour to make the chocolate chip cookie recipe mentioned in the blog post. I bought the flour at The Welsh Bakestone, but you can also order it from The Welsh Bakestone offers a wide variety of gluten free grocery items. It is worth the trip to Scheveningen. 

Children's Party
I would focus on fruit & veggies: 

Other gluten free ideas:

My Birthday Party

For my birthday cake, the more chocolate the better, I say. So I would order the most chocolaty cake I could from The Welsh Bakestone. It seems more special to me somehow if someone else is doing the baking.

What would you eat to celebrate? Did I forget anything?



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