Trying Something New: Sea Bacon Recipe

I met so many great people at the Allergiebeurs in Utrecht in February - including Chantal from Seamore Food. She stopped by my booth and was kind enough to share samples of their Seamore Bacon and Pasta. It is a 100% wild organic seaweed packed with Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron and Fiber. 

My husband had already heard of the seaweed that tastes like bacon when fried so we tried that first.

RECIPE: Pasta Carbonara

I adapted this Pasta Carbonara recipe from Simply Recipes by adding the seaweed and making it gluten free. 

RESULT: My husband & I liked the seaweed, but the recipe needs a little some work.

The seaweed bacon was a big hit with my husband and I, but not with my little kids. Getting them to eat anything green is struggle. The recipe needs some work too. It needs a creamier sauce, but that would have triggered my dairy allergy. The recipe is below. I would love your feedback in the comments below on how to make it creamier without adding more dairy.

Our next try will be in an omelet or atop burgers...

Gluten Free Carbonara from Glutenvrijevrouw

Gluten Free Carbonara from Glutenvrijevrouw