Allergiebeurs (Allergy Fair) Utrecht


Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I am launching a new product at the Allergiebeurs (Allergy Fair) in Utrecht.

The new product is Gluten Free Meal Plans Done for You. Take the guesswork out of what to eat so you can spend four more hours each week enjoying your family.


On a weekly basis, I provide clients with a gluten free menu, recipes and shopping lists. The shopping lists are available in Dutch or English and every item can be found at your local Albert Heijn or You can do the shopping yourself or I can have it all shipped direct to your door from There are also dairy free and soy free options.

Transform your health while saving time and money.

Get a one week free sample of the menu, recipes and shopping list by clicking here.



At the Allergiebeurs, you can also sign up for a chance to win an Instant Pot. So, if you are at the fair, please be sure to stop by and sign up.

I am also giving away free samples of some of the breakfast recipes from the Done for You Meal Plans. If you loved the sample you tried in Utrecht, here are the recipes. And, if you could not join us, at least you can try this yummy breakfast recipes at home.

And, if you would like to try a week free of gluten free recipes like these, click here to get your free one week trial of Done for You Meal Plans.